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Andrea Infante -The Pathway To Bliss

Andrea Infante is a Certified Psychic/Medium, Author, Shaman Healer, Professional Space Clearer and Spiritual/Psychic-Life Coach. Under her guidance, she can help with amazing results! Andrea does Phone, Skype and Email Readings.

Andrea can communicate with a loved one who has crossed over and performs Space Clearing for businesses, people, land and animals. She also performs distant and in person healing only by appointment. "Healing is not limited to the physical body. We have 5 bodies from Physical to the Astral. All these bodies hold imprints of past experiences. I can assist you on clearing them".

"For over 35 years, I have given thousands of messages to people all over the world as the Psychic/Medium that I am and Spiritual Soul Coaching. As a Psychic/Medium and Coach, I journey with you to seek the answers you are looking for and to heal and transform your higher essence. I have the ability to hear and deliver messages from loved ones who have passed on to the other side. I can guide you in love, finances, health and success. I perform Space Clearing and Soul recovery of businesses, land, people and animals.

I have studied and journeyed with Sandra Ingerman, Doreen Virtue, Denise Linn, Robert Moss, Alberto Villoldo and many more.

Currently, I live in Chicago and perform readings, coaching, seminars, teleseminars, webinars and workshops online. I also travel throughout the USA and Abroad, sharing my gift to a well-received audience globally. My hopes and dreams are to continue to share love, unity and peace to you and yours.

Author of "The Divine Source Within, Conscious Creation, Manifestation and The Law of Attraction", Published under the pen/spiritual name, Spirit Walker.Services